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Animals are what players are able to control in All players start as fish, blobfish or worm and must keep on eating food to evolve into other, stronger animals, such as Beavers, Turtles, and Orcas. Dying as anything besides a fish will allow your next run to begin with some experience. Some animals can hide in certain terrain, allowing them to protect themselves from predators. You may attack any animal except those of the same species as you (doesn't apply to the final stages, they can eat each other!). As you start to get to level up, your animal will start to gain gimmicks, or abilities, such as those of the Whale, Orca and Ray.

Animal Description evolves into evolves from Speed Health multiplier Damage multiplier Damage block Armor penetration Boosts Oxygen time Temperature time Pressure time XP Image
Worm You get to swim, but in land! If that isn't awesome I don't know what is. You also get a free cool sweatband on your head. lamprey nothing 100% 1.0 (total: 100) 1.0 (total 20) 0% 0% 0 0 Worm.png


Fish You swim faster when close to other fish! Stble 5 times, up to 50% faster. Is based on the Clown Fish. Evolves into a Crab. crab nothing 100% 1.5 (total: 150) 1.0 (total: 20) 0% 0% 1 20s 10s 5s 0 Fish.png


Blobfish Lives in the deep sea and evolves into a King Crab. king crab nothing 100% 2.0 (total: 200) 1.0 (total: 20) 0% 0% 1 20s 10s 5s 0 Blobfish.png

Blob fish

Lamprey You can attach to nearby animals (Seagull and higher) and get some of their XP when they eat. Evolves into a jellyfish. jellyfish worm 100% 60 50% 0% 2 20s 10s 5s 4.000 Lamprey.png


Crab You can walk on islands! (when walking, use mouse click to jump). Only animal that can hide in bushes. Evolves into a Jellyfish. jellyfish fish 100% 1.5 (total: 150) 40 50% 1 4.000 Crab.png


King Crab It lives in the deep sea, evolves to jellyfish, and deals back part of the damage dealt to it. jellyfish blobfish 100% 1.5 (total: 150) 2.0 (total: 40) 50% 0% 1 10s - 5s 4.000 Kingcrab.png

King Crab

Jellyfish You move in bursts, and any animal that touches you gets poisoned. Evolves into a Squid. squid king crab, crab, lamprey 100% 2.0 (total: 200) 40 (poison 5% per second 0% 1 11.000 Jellyfish.png


Squid Don't take damage for 3 seconds (This includes poison) then stay still to hide. Evolves into a Seagull. seagull jelly fish 100% 3.0 (total: 300) 60 0% 1 21.000 Squid.png


Seagull You can fly, but have to breathe. Poops food that other animals can eat. Evolves into a Ray or a Pelican. ray or pelican squid 100% 4.0 (total: 400) 80 0% 2 39.000 Seagull.png


Ray Put your head against any ground to hide, you can now eat Flappy Ducks by boosting into the air. Evolves into Beaver or Anglerfish. beaver or anglerfish seagull 100% 5.0 (total: 500) 100 0% 2 63.000 Ray.png


Pelican Pelican can grab animals smaller than Squids and pull them onto land! Cannot hurt or be hurt by Seagulls. Evolves into Beaver or Anglerfish beaver or anglerfish seagull 100% 600 120 63.000


Beaver Beaver hides in beaver dams, also, don't forget to go up to breathe! Evolves into Penguin, Sea Turtle or Octopus. turtle, octopus, penguin 100% 6.0 (total: 600) 6.0 (120) 0% 2 93.000 Beaver.png


Angler Fish

Must stay in the deep to survive. If it stays still it will go invisible and its light will look like the last thing it ate. The animal that eats the light will reveal the Angler Fish and take an extra 100

% damage from it. Evolves into Penguin, Sea Turtle, or Octopus.

turtle, octopus, penguin 100% 6.0 (total: 600) 5.0 (total: 100) 0% 0% 2 45s 10s 5s 93.000 Anglerfish.png

Angler Fish

Penguin Penguin needs cold water to live, stay to the far left side of the map! Can hide in Igloos, and when you evolve, you may choose between a Leopard Seal, Narwhal or Dolphin. leaperd seal, narwhal, dolphin 125% 6.0 (total: 600) 5.0 (total: 100) 0% 0% 2 45s 10s 5s 129.000 Penguin.png


Sea Turtle Evolves from Beaver.

Reduces all damage on itself by 50% (except on it's head).Cannot be poisoned. Evolves into a Hammerhead shark.

hammerhead 100% 5.0 (total: 500) 5.0 (total: 100) 50% (Except for head) 0% 2 45s 10s 5s 129.000 Turtle.png


Octopus Octopus can release ink when boosting. If it kills an animal, it will be as fast as the animal was and the Octopus will look like the animal it last killed. Evolves into a Oarfish. oarfish Depends on what animal it's hiding as. 6.0 (total: 600) 5.0 (total: 100) 0% 129.000 Octopus.png


Leopard Seal You are as fast as a penguin, but deadlier. Evolves either into a Polar Bear or a Whale Shark. polar bear, whale shark 125% 7.0 (total: 700) 7.0 (total: 140) 0% 0% 2 45s 10s 5s 171.000 LepoardSeal.png

Leopard Seal

Narwhal Hitting other players causes them to bleed, alerting nearby Sharks. Evolves into a whale or a Marlin. whale, marlin 100% 171.000 Narwhal.png


Dolphin Dolphins need to breathe air. Jump like a real dolphin for a boost in natural swim speed. You evolve into either an Orca or a Marlin. orca 100% 7.0 (total: 700) 6.0 (total: 120) 0% 0% 2 60s 10s 5s 171.000 Dolphin.png


Hammerhead You can eat people! You cannot hide in anything beyond this point. You are equivalent to dolphin, but cannnot attack them. Your next animal is a shark. shark, whale shark 100% 7.0 (total: 700) 8.0 (total: 160) 0% 0% 3 20s 10s 5s 171.000 Tshark.png


Oarfish Evolves into a Giant Squid or a Cachalot. Best food for Oarfish are Jellyfishes. Heals anything below Seagull except for Jellyfishes. cachacot, giant squid 100% 8.0 (total: 800) 6.5 (total: 130) 171.000 Oarfish.png


Giant Squid It has the ability to grab its victims and pull them down to the depths! It moves faster when it has a victim and does some damage over time to the animal. max 100% (Normal)

150% (When it grabs an animal)

9.0 (total: 900) 8.0 (total: 160) 219.000 Giantsquid.png


Cachalot Cachalot (aka Sperm Whale) can slow down animals in front of it instead of boosting. It can swim in all locations. Because it's ability replaces it's boost, it is the second slowest top tier animal so far. max 100% 12.0 (total: 1200) 8.0 (total: 160) 0% 0% 219.000 Cachalot.png


Shark Shark breathes when moving, so don't stop for too long. Click to charge and accelerate quickly. You can also smell nearby injured animals and which direction they are. max 100% 9.0 (total: 900) 9.0 (total: 180) 0% 0% 3 15s 10s 5s 219.000 Shark.png


Orca If you hit someone while boosting, you'll grab him! Click again to release. When grabbing a shark, it will lose all of its oxygen. You can also survive in the far left side of the map.

Grabbing and releasing animals into the air throws them in the direction that you are facing. Whales are too large to grab.

max 100% 9.0 (total: 900) 9.0 (total: 180) 0% 0% 3 60s 10s 5s 219.000 Killerwhale.png

Killer Whale/Orca

Whale Use your boost to pull in other animals! Click again to release, also don't forget to breath! You can also survive in the far left side of the map. Unable to damage and immune to damage from animals smaller than beavers.

The whale's ability completely replaces the boost, making whales one of the slowest top tier animals. Whales can swallow any animal smaller than a beaver and carry them around inside of them until the animal drowns (if they breathe air) or until the whale surfaces and shoot them into the air.

max 100% 15.0 (total: 1500) 6.0 (total: 120) 0% 0% 3 60s 10s 10s 219.000 Whale.png


Whale Shark Boosts tell you how much Remora Drones you have. Hold the Left Mouse Button to tell drones to attack the nearest target. Because the Drones take up the Whale Shark's boost, it is the 3rd slowest top tier animal so far. Whale Sharks are also known to die a lot to other top tier animals, unfortunately. max 100% 219.000
Whale Shark
Polar Bear Can shoot snowballs that stun any enemy they hit. max 219.000
Polar Bear
Marlin Attacks cause the enemy to bleed, jumping through air gives you a speed boost. max 219.000 Marlin.png