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This is the Evolution Tree in deeeep.io.

Animal Evolution (s) Evolves From Image
Worm Lamprey None Worm.png
Fish Crab None Fish.png
Blobfish King Crab None Blobfish.png
Kingcrab Jellyfish Blobfish Kingcrab.png
Crab Jellyfish Fish Crab.png
Lamprey Jellyfish Worm Lamprey.png
Jellyfish Squid Kingcrab, Crab or Lamprey Jellyfish.png
Squid Seagull Jellyfish Squid.png
Seagull Ray or Pelican Squid Seagull.png
Pelican Beaver or Anglerfish Seagull Pelican.png
Ray Beaver or Anglerfish Seagull Ray.png
Anglerfish Sea Turtle, Penguin, or Octopus Ray or Pelican Anglerfish.png
Beaver Sea Turtle, Penguin, or Octopus Ray or Pelican Beaver.png
Penguin Leopard Seal, Narwal, or Dolphin Beaver or Anglerfish Penguin.png
Sea Turtle Hammerhead Beaver or Anglerfish Seaturtle.png
Octopus Oarfish Beaver or Anglerfish Octopus.png
Narwal Marlin or Whale Penguin Narwhal.png
Oarfish Giant Squid or Catchalot Octopus Oarfish.png
Leopard seal Polar Bear or Whale Shark Penguin LepoardSeal.png
Hammerhead Shark or Whale shark Sea Turtle Tshark.png
Dolphin Killer Whale or Marlin Penguin Dolphin.png
Shark None Hammerhead Shark.png
Killer Whale None Dolphin Killerwhale.png
Whale None Narwal Whale.png
Giant squid None Oarfish Giantsquid.png
Cachalot None Oarfish Cachalot.png
Polar Bear None Leopard seal Polarbear.png
Marlin None Dolphin, or Narwhale Marlin.png
Whale Shark None Leopard Seal, hammerhead Whaleshark.png

Evolution Chart.png

(NOTE* It has been updated that the hammerhead evolves into a whale shark instead of marlin while the dolphin evolves into a marlin. I did what I could to change the table above, but I couldn't find a picture that fits this updated evolution tree.)