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Food is necessary for animals to evolve. Food consists of many different things, from algae to even other players.

Name Animals Image XP Description
Plankton All Food.png 50 Standard food.
Ice All File:Ice.png 50 Plankton in other biomes.
Algae Fish, Ray, Oarfish, Penguin and Sea Turtle Algae.png 25 Against walls. Great for leveling up.
Dam Food Fish to Beaver Damfood.png 35 Under beaver dams.
Apple Anything weaker than Hammerhead Apple.png 50 Appears in trees.

Do not dare to steal it.

Berry Anything weaker than Hammerhead except Pelican Fruit.png 50 Appears on berry bush.
Bird Poop All Except Seagull and Pelican Birdpoop.png 10 We all know what this is... affected by gravity. Seagulls and Pelicans drop it
Yellow Algae Fish, Ray, Oarfish, Penguin and Sea Turtle File:YellowAlgae 50 Algae in other biomes.
Lava Fish to Whale Lavabubble.png 125 Appears in other biomes. Good for leveling up rapidly. Comes out of volcanoes which can be hidden in. When eaten in arctic, can be used to replenish temperature.
Flappy Duck Ray And Higher Flappyduck.png 675 Flying food. Good for leveling up
Meat All Meat.png 1000 Dropped by those who die, and affected by gravity. Extremely good for leveling up
Human Hammerhead, Dolphin, Leopard Seal and higher Man.png 300 Weak, disgusting wastes of space. Fish 250 | good for leveling up }