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These are the Terrains in which specific animals can hide in:

Name Summary Image
Anemone Fish, Worm, Blobfish, Crabs, Kingcrab and Jellyfish can hide here. Anemone.png
Beaver Dam Beavers can hide here. Orange food pieces grow on the roots. Slowly landing on the top allows you to walk across it. Beaverdam.png
Bush Crabs can hide in these. Berries grow here. Arbusto.png
Tree These appear on top of Islands. You must fly or boost to reach the top. Apples grow on the leaves. Tree.png
Igloo Penguins can hide here. Appear atop icecaps.

Other Terrain[edit | edit source]

Name Summary Image
Island Platform for walking. Bushes and trees appear on here.
Icecap Platform for walking. An Igloo appears here. Hard to get up to w/o flight or boost.
Volcano Produces lava, which can be eaten. Found on ocean floor in the abyss and arctic. Anyone who can hide in the anenome can hide here. File:Volcano.png
Sunken Ship Small animals can hide here, produces bubbles that can be eaten.
Spongebob's House Small animals can hide here, a rare appearing structure located in the abyss.