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This is a list of some helpful tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own to this list!

  • Use the terrain to your advantage. You can hide from predators, or prepare an ambush for your next meal!
  • Death isn't the end! If you die, you will restart with a medium size portion of the experience you had in your previous life.
  • Use boosting through the air to escape other animals and keep some around in case you end up being chased.
  • Although the islands may seem like a good source of food, regardless of your animal, a chain of beaver dams (see terrain) is the better choice.
  • When you are a ray, you can boost up to the flappy ducks (see Food) at a 30-45 degree angle to skip to the penguin in a matter of seconds, using the experience from the flappy ducks to boost yourself over and over again. This also works with the animals after penguin except the final ones. This will be a difficult skill to master, but it will be worth it.
  • Tips for specific species:
  • All small fish: Stick to the warm tip of the coldest island.
  • Seagulls: Stick to apples. If there are too many seagulls on an island, try eating the food from the beaver dams or going to other islands.
  • Beavers: Stay close to the cold lands, even if it takes longer.
  • Penguins: make fewer trips and eat the yellows.
  • If you have boosts, never use them all. you will be eaten. Keep one in reserve to escape.
  • If you are small, do not fear whales. They cannot harm you unless you are a seagull(drowning).
  • Fish can drown whales if they group up.
  • Do not get close to bigger animals and you might find that you will level up faster.
  • Rays: The bottom of the island hides you as well.