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You know , the game has set a 1v1 mode for a year. Why not share your techniques with others to hit a high streak?


Super Good Animals

These are the animals that give you the best chance of getting a high streak.

Hgh skill cap animals tend to thrive(If you have skill). They include:

  • Orca

So many glitches and tricks one can use. I’ve even gotten a few animals stuck in walls and let toxic algae kill them. Best bet against them is to play non-grabbable.

  • Giant Squid

Air pin with the giant squid is broken, but requires some practice to pull off. It has decent stats and can heal rather quickly using its grabs. Same advice as orca, play a non-grabbable if you hope to counter it.

  • Humpback Whale

Two types of humpbacks: Stun Spammers and Combo-ers. Both are deadly. Also it is a non-grabbable animal. Stun him to break its spam/combo.

  • Alligator Gar

Heavy damage and high speed attacks. It is good because it has no direct counters(that I know of).

A few other animals thrive because of how broken they are.

  • Atlantic Torpedo

What can I say. Pancake OP. It can pin oponents against walls and likely drain half of their hp with a single boost.

  • Colossal Squid

It can deal amazing burst damage. The main problem is its speed, but it isn’t much of a problem as you are fighting in a pit. It can also escape grabs. Mainly you want to dodge it and grab it constantly, rendering it useless.

  • Whale

High stats, great ability, no skill required, but a few direct counters. Can’t be grabbed. They are the torpedo and anaconda.

  • Anaconda

Deals decent damage over time with its grab, but the main factor of it being so good is oxygen depletion. It can grab anything, even whales.

  • Alligator Snapping Turtle

Heavy armor, high armor penetration, bleed, stun. AST has it all.

  • Hippo

High stats, great ability, little skill required. It’s like whale. It also can’t be grabbed. However, it can hardly turn when boosting.

  • Polar Bear

Can easily chase down or out-DPS any animal. Also a stunner.

Playable Animals

These animals are able to attain high streaks, but usually requires luck and quite a bit of skill.

  • Sleeper Shark

This is on the border between the two categories. Its stun is amazing but the limited range of motion holds it back.

  • Marlin

Also on the border between the two categories. It heals very fast with its speed and its bleed is great. Fantastic against armored targets.

  • Cachalot

Spectacular base stats, but low mobility. It also can’t be grabbed. A cachalot player with over 3 braincells is still a threat. Take caution.

  • Basking Shark

A basking shark in its regular state is mediocre at best. An enraged basking shark is deadly.

  • Walrus

When using its tusks, its DPS is outmatched and it cannot be grabbed.

  • Crocodile

Insane DPS but struggles against ungrabbables.

  • Whale Shark

It is deadly and scary, but it can also easily be countered.

  • Leatherback Sea Turtle

What makes it so great is that it can deny any grab. However, bleed and poison go through your shield.

  • Coconut Crab

It has heavy armor and great damage coming from above. It can also stop animals from running, also when algae closes in, can sink a player to make them go right into algae and take some damage

  • Goblin Shark

It ranks on the low side of this category, for the reason that it struggles against tanky targets. It is still dangerous in the right hands.

Mediocre Animals

All the other animals rank in this category. It’s extremely rare for these animals to attain high streaks. A few more tips are:

  • Never play 10 piranhas. It loses against anything.
  • Shake vigorously to make an anaconda let go.
  • Zooming out using a scroll wheel helps.
  • You need luck to get high streaks (encountering no highly skilled players) in most cases.
  • Keep practicing. One day you’ll be on the leaderboards!
  • Anaconda is OP againist who do not know how to escape