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The Controls in deeeep.io are relatively simple. Your animal is controlled by your mouse and swims in the direction of your cursor (joystick/drag finger whenever on mobile). Some animals can walk on islands, where they can jump by tapping/left-clicking. Also, if you tap/click while swimming or in the air, you get a speed boost if you have boost in your boost gauge. If you are a whale, cachalot, polar bear or whale shark, this will activate your skill instead. If you do not have any boost, these will not happen.

  • Mouse: Move
  • Right/Left Click: Boost or ability
  • Enter Key: Open/close chat
  • Esc Key: Show main menu
  • M Key: Toggle chat visibility

When your in mobile version , you get very different controls. Their is a joystick control for moving , boost button and chat button

  • Bottom Left Joystick:Move
  • Bottom Right Button:Ability or Boost
  • Top Right Button:Chat
  • Note , sometimes pressing e and m will mute and unmute*