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If you are in the Deeeep, this article provides some utmost adequate survival tips.

Giant Squid[edit | edit source]

You are fast and have good attack damage. But beware of Cachalots as they can easily kill you and are ungrabbable. They are faster in the deep and can slow you down so if you see a Cachalot, RUN. Your main food consists of animals primarily from Tier 5 to Tier 9as you can grab them and rack up some hits when you let go and keep on doing this until they die. You can try to kill Colossal Squids and Leatherbacks, but if they have all their boosts, don't even try as they can escape your grabs.

Colossal Squid[edit | edit source]

You can slap your enemies and your bleed is insane. You can take out most animals and even Basking Sharks! You can either do a slap or a strong slap. The slap does 100 damage and inflicts bleed and 30% slowness to the enemy. The strong slap does 170 damage, inflicts bleed, and inflicts 30% slowness to the enemy. You can take out an Oarfish and Goblin Shark very easily. You cannot take out a Cachalot easily as they're bulky, can slow you to a halt, and most notably, pack a punch against you..

Goblin Shark[edit | edit source]

You can boost to increase your speed and damage. You can also charge your boost to snipe animals. The more longer you charge your boost, the more damage it does. But be careful when you charge your boost because you cannot eat food (except meat) and your speed is decreased to 50% (depending on how long you charged your boost). You can finish off low hp animals by sniping them. Your main food are tier 9 animals and lower (except coiled up Giant Isopods) and some apex animals if you are skilled enough. You don't have much hp but you have good damage.

Cachalot[edit | edit source]

You can go to the surface and the deep. You are tanky enough to destroy all animals in the deep and you are 15% faster in the deep. But you have to watch out for double teamers as they can kill you. The best way to escape is to exit the deep or slow them. You have to remember to take oxygen as it is normal to forget your oxygen. Alone, you're very good against most, if not all characters in the Deeeep, as most characters here have tough times trying to approach and fight you, with the exception of Leatherbacks, as their shield can be hard trying to fight against.

Sleeper Shark[edit | edit source]

As a sleeper shark, your best place to be is the caves. Caves provide walls for you to pin your opponents against with your boost which can hit especially hard on those you can grab and pin against those walls. You're very good against every character in the Deeeep with the exception of Cachalot. Another helpful tip is that your boost is useful for running away as it provides +150% speed and you can eat food while using it (unlike Shark), so utilize it when you're low and need some food to eat.

Sunfish[edit | edit source]

...I'm not even going to try giving you any tips on how to survive in the Deeeep as Sunfish. Literally everything here that's Tier 10 can kill you. Heck, even Narwhals have a good game against you. Just...go into the Ocean or something.

Leatherback[edit | edit source]

You can enter the deep for 90 seconds and can cast a shield. You can also escape from animal grabs by charging your boost and when you escape a grab, you also stun them for a 500 milliseconds. So if you get grabbed by a Giant Squid, don't worry because you have high pressure time and you can escape grabs. Your main food are tier 9 and below, Giant Squids, and Goblin Sharks. Beware of Colossal Squids, Sawfish, and Sleeper Sharks, however, as they have winning matchups against you.

Sawfish (Saw Shark exclusive)[edit | edit source]

You're able to be in the Deeeep for 90 seconds, but even though you can live in the Deeeep for that long, you're rendered as a non-Deeeep animal. You can charge your boost to make your saw bleed animals. You can also shake your saw at an animal to do extra damage. You're good against Sunfish and Leatherbacks and can do somewhat adequately against Goblin Shark, but struggle hard against Giant Squid, Colossal Squid, Sleeper Shark and Elephant Seal.

Elephant Seal[edit | edit source]

You can inflict bleed and poison on another animal if you have those effects. You also deal damage and more and more based on how much hp you have and you also get more speed. You're decent against Sawfish, Giant Squid, Goblin Shark, and Sunfish, and are even against Colossal Squid. You're gonna have a rough time with Sleeper Sharks, Cachalots, and Leatherbacks though, so try using advanced techniques to get around that.