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The effects in Deeeep.io work on animals, giving them advantages or vice versa making them more vulnerable.

Here is a list of all the effects:

Regeneration βž•[edit | edit source]

Regeneration is a positive effect that allows the animal to quickly restore health.

Icefish and Axolotl get x3 regeneration when standing still; The Sunfish gets x2 regeneration near the surface and x3 regeneration at the surface.

The regeneration icon is indicated as a red plus next to the animal.

Speed ⏩[edit | edit source]

Speed ​​is a positive effect in which the animal moves faster. With negative values, the animal slows down.

Flying fish enhances its speed when flying; Horseshoe Crab gets 90% speed with boost; Bat applies a slowness on animal in zone of its ray with a boost; Worm and Bobbit worm are faster underground; when Barracuda gets invisible, it losts speed; Jumping above the surface gives dolphin +33% speed each time (stackable 3 times); when Giant Salamander gets invisible, it losts speed; When Frilled shark gets boost, it gradually increases the speed; Colossal squid applies slowness on animal when hit; Thresher shark boosts to shoot 5 whirls backward, which deal damage and slowness; Goblin shark shoots a whizzbang that applies slowness; Cashalot boosts to emit a slow ray that puts a speed debuff on most animals. +15% speed in deeeep; one of Humpback Whale's sings puts slowness on most animals that are close to him; Atlantic Torpedo aura put small slowness.

If any animal swims in whirlpool, it gets -30% speed.

When animal is slow by whirlpool or another animal attack, its health strip becomes violet.

Speed debuff in whirlpool

speed debuff in whirlpool

The speed icon looks like this: >>

Strength βš”[edit | edit source]

Strength ​​is a positive effect in which animal will do stronger its next attack.

When Giant Salamander gets invisible, its strength is growing, and in next attack it will give x2 damage. When Frilled Shark boosts, its strength is growing too.

The strength icon is indicated as a sword.

Bleeding 🩸[edit | edit source]

Bleeding ​​is a negative effect in which animal loses its health while bleeding.

Marlin or Narwhal can hit animal and give it bleeding effect.

When animal has this effect, its health strip becomes red.

Strangulation 🐍[edit | edit source]

Strangulation is a negative effect in which animal loses its health and oxygen.

Anaconda can wrap around animals and give them this effect.

If animal has this effect, its health strip becomes dark yellow.

Electroshock ⚑[edit | edit source]

Electroshock is a negative effect, that gives damage to animals and immobilizing them.

Atlantic torpedo and Electric eel can create an electricity discharge, that will put this effect to closest animals.

If animal has this effect, its health strip becomes dark yellow, like a Strangulation.

Blindness πŸ‘β€πŸ—¨[edit | edit source]

Blindness is a negative effect in which the animal sees much less than usual. This is similar to depth vision or normal vision of a Blind Cavefish or Olm.

If the animal swims into the Octopus ink, it has got blindness for a certain time.

If animal has this effect, its health strip becomes black.

Poison πŸ„[edit | edit source]

Poison is a negative effect which players inflicted loses health and are slowed down by 10%.

If animal has this effect, it’s health strip becomes purple.

Anaconda cannot give poison effect, but in cannot be poisoned too.

Drowning πŸ’¦[edit | edit source]

Coconut crab can charge boost, hit the animal underwater and give this effect.

While this effect animal would sink down and and blow bubbles, but no oxygen loss for aquatic animals or extra oxygen loss for air-breathing animals.

Other air-breathing animals cannot eat these bubbles and regain their oxygen bar, unlike the shipwreck bubbles.