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Evolution Tree

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This is the Evolution Chart in deeeep.io.

Animal Evolves to Evolves From ability Image
Fish Crab none ability: can go faster in groups Fish.png
Blobfish King Crab none ability: swims in the deep sea Blobfish.png
Worm Lamprey none ability: can go in the dirt Worm.png
Piranha Piranha none ability: can grow in numbers Piranha.png
Crab Jellyfish Fish ability: can walk on land Crab.png
King Crab Jellyfish Blobfish ability: deep sea, can walk on land, gives back 30% damage King Crab.png
Lamprey Jellyfish Worm ability: attaches to seagull and above Lamprey.png
Jellyfish Squid Crab, King Crab, or Lamprey ability: can poison anyone that hurts it Jellyfish.png
Frog Squid Crab, King Crab, or Lamprey ability: high jumper Frog.png
Squid Seagull Jellyfish ability: can hide by staying still Squid.png
Seagull Ray or Pelican Squid ability: can fly, poops Seagull.png
Pelican Beaver or Anglerfish Seagull ability: can fly, can hold anything below squid Pelican.png
Ray Beaver or Anglerfish Seagull ability: can hide by pressing head to ground Ray.png
Anglerfish Sea Turtle, Penguin, or Octopus Ray or Pelican ability: spawns food when hiding Anglerfish.png
Beaver Sea Turtle, Penguin, or Octopus Ray or Pelican ability: can hide in dams Beaver.png
Penguin Leopard Seal, Narwhal, or Dolphin Beaver or Anglerfish ability: cold Penguin.png
Sea Turtle Hammerhead Beaver or Anglerfish ability: is a good blocker but not on its head, immunity to poison Sea Turtle.png
Octopus Oarfish Beaver or Anglerfish ability: can mimic anything you kill, can walk on land Octopus.png
Narwhal Marlin or Whale Penguin ability: makes people you hit bleed Narwhal.png
Oarfish Giant Squid, Cachalot, or Stonefish Octopus ability: swims in deep sea but has resistance to low pressure, immunity to poison Oarfish.png
Leopard Seal Polar Bear or Whale Penguin ability: like a penguin but more damage Leopard Seal.png
Manatee Crocodile,Hippo, or Bald Eagle Snapping Turtle or Piranhas ability: click to heal 400 hp Manatee.png
Hammerhead Shark, Whale Shark, or Sunfish Sea Turtle ability: can eat humans Hammerhead.png
Dolphin Orca, Marlin, or Sunfish Penguin ability: jump out of the water and back in and it gives it a boost can stack up to three times, can eat humans Dolphin.png
Shark None Hammerhead ability: boost gives 100% speed and can track bleeding players, can eat humans Shark.png
Orca None Dolphin ability: can grab players, can eat humans Orca.png
Whale None Narwhal or Leopard Seal ability: can suck up players and fling them, can eat humans Whale.png
Bald Eagle None Manatee ability: can pick up players beaver and below and can track players Bald Eagle.png
Crocodile None


ability: can grab people and shake them to do more damage
Hippo None


ability: spins around using boost and slows people down Hippo.png
Giant Squid None Oarfish ability: can grab people and pull them into the deep Giant Squid.png
Cachalot None Oarfish ability: emits a blast and slows what it hits Cachalot.png
Polar Bear None Leopard Seal ability: throws snowballs on boost and who it hits it slows them down, can travel through ice Polar Bear.png
Marlin None Dolphin or Narwhal ability: like dolphin but can make people bleed Marlin.png
Whale Shark None Hammerhead ability:has small fish protect it and boost is how many you have Whale Shark.png
Sunfish None Dolphin ability: attack has no recoil and regenerates faster when closer to the surface Sunfish.png
Stonefish None Oarfish ability: can burrow through land but needs to breathe, can poison people by attacking, being attacked, or boosting and leaving behind poison barbs Stonefish.png

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