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Food is necessary for animals to evolve, and it can also heal them or even help them breathe or stay warm. Food consists of many different things, from algae to even other players.

Food types[edit | edit source]

Name Can be eaten by Image XP other informations
Barb All except for the stonefish who spawned it Barb.png 0 Spawns behind a stonefish using their active ability. Deals damage upon eating it (7% of max life). Poisons anyone who eats it with a base DPS of 10% that lasts 5 seconds (except poison-immune animals). Despawns after 4 seconds.
Air Bubble All animals that breathe air Bubble.png 0 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of the window of the shipwreck. Replenishes oxygen to animals that breathe air.
Bird Poop All except for lamprey and seagull Bird Poop.png 15 We all know what this is. Affected by gravity. Automatically spawns below any seagull every 10 seconds.
Plankton All Food.png 225 Spawns in the ocean and the swamp.
Wood Chips Tier 1 to tier 7, Bald Eagle, Tiger Shark, and Sea Turtle Damfood.png approx. 50 Spawns underneath beaver dams.
Ice All Ice.png 225 Spawns in the arctic and deeeep.
Algae Tier 1 to Tier 6 (except Lamprey,) Oarfish, Penguin, Manatee Algae.png approx. 150 Spawns on the ocean and swamp floors.
Yellow Algae Tier 1 to Tier 6 (except Lamprey) Oarfish, penguin, Manatee, YellowAlgae.png approx. 150 Spawns on the floors of the arctic and deeeep.
Apple Tier 1 to Tier 8 except lamprey and pelican Apple.png 75 Spawns in trees.
Berry Tier 1 to Tier 8, with the exception of Lamprey and Pelican Fruit.png 75 Spawns in bushes.
Lava All except lamprey Lavabubble.png approx. 180 Affected by gravity, floats upwards. Spawns out of volcanoes, which can be hidden in and are located in the arctic and the deeeep. When eaten as an animal that is not suited to the arctic, it will replenish some of your temperature but animals in the arctic will lose temperature,’
Coconut (reskinned) Pelican, Coconut Crab approx. 900 10 seconds after spawning, it will become affected by gravity and fall to the ground as if an animal. Spawns in trees (spawns after apples are eaten). This is also the only food type that is oriented in a random direction.
Food All Meat.png 1000 Spawns where an animal dies (tier 2 to tier 10 animals only). The amount of meat that spawns depends on what animal it was.

History[edit | edit source]

This section highlights all the changes made to food in documented updates so far. A full changelog can be found here.

Update Changes
Pre-November 4th, 2016 (Release) Added 5 types of food: plankton, algae, people, flappy ducks, and meat.
November 5th, 2016 (Morning) Added a food eating animation.
November 5th, 2016 (Night) Increased the XP of people and flappy ducks.

Added new food source below beaver dams.

December 15th, 2016 Increased the XP of people and flappy ducks by 50%.
January 18th, 2017 Fixed problem with food not reappearing.
January 18th, 2017 (Later) Fixed another problem with food not reappearing.
January 19th, 2017 Reduced floor algae XP.
February 2nd, 2017 Sharks can no longer eat food while in rage.
February 14th, 2017 Penguins can now eat algae.

Food regeneration problem fixed.

Whale's skill now absorbs nearby food.

Anglerfish now spawns the last food it ate!

February 14th, 2017 (Later) Fixed bug which caused food to only reappear in the deeeep.
February 18th, 2017 Volcano food now lasts like before.
February 28h, 2017 Anglerfish deals x2 hit to whomever eats it's food.

Whale: Food eaten while using skill no longer regenerates boost.

March 2nd, 2017 Amount of floating food has been increased.
March 14th, 2017 Added air bubbles leaking from shipwreck (h1637727's idea[1])

Eating volcano food in the arctic now increases temperature.

May 16th, 2017 Sunfish can no longer eat algae.
May 19th, 2017 Original: Fixed eatable food.

Beta Food[edit | edit source]

Food in the beta includes Reef Food and Pink Algae. Flappy Ducks and Humans are absent.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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