Humbolt Squid

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This page needs food to eat in order to be a big animal.Please help add information to this page or you will be eaten by a Giant Squid

Eat to spawn up to 2 squids!

The Humboldt squid is a tier 9 animal.

Evolves into the Giant Squid.

Stats[edit | edit source]

As a Humboldt squid, friendly fire is turned off for other Humboldt squids. This means you can't damage player Humboldts. But friendly fire is on for the squids you spawn, meaning they can attack other player Humboldts and clone Humboldt. The extra Humboldt squids can be spawned by eating, the maximum amount of clones you can have is 2. You evolve from the octopus, and evolve to the Giant Squid. Humboldt squids have 2 boosts.