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There are many different paths you can take when leveling up to Tier 10. Here are some of the fastest and most effective:[edit | edit source]

Piranhas[edit | edit source]

One of the most popular and fastest ways to evolve is to use the animal Piranha. Just keep boosting and leveling up on the Piranha tree until you get to tier 10. Try killing sardines and small animals for quick and easy XP. For low risk and reward, don't evolve past tier 6 as you will not be able to eat algae (ground food.) Otherwise, evolve to T7 to swarm an animal you can kill, and evolve into any tier 10s.

Ray[edit | edit source]

The Ray is a great way to farm up XP. It is one of the few animals can thrive in any biome (except losing oxygen in surface) and has a very effective way of avoiding attacks (when the face is in contact with a seabed, the Ray will become hidden, even if the Ray is being attacked, unlike the squid). The Ray also has good stats for a T6 (500 health, 100 damage). You can use any path to level up to Ray. Once you've become a Ray, farm floorballs on the ocean floor. Continue farming as Ray without leveling up to T7 (although, if you insist, choose Penguin as it is the only T7 that can eat floorballs). You can continue to farm as a Ray until you've reached enough XP to level up quickly to T10 (this varies). Note that animals T7 and below are neutral, meaning you can still become any T10 you'd like with them. After your choose your T8 animal, your T10 choices will be limited based on the animal you selected. And have Good Luck!

Catfish[edit | edit source]

Find regions with a lot of plankton, and suck in them using your ability. Great in farming XP but you are vulnerable to most animals, so staying close to broken trees is a good idea.

Bobbit Worm[edit | edit source]

A safer but slower substitute of Ray. However, remember you will now lose salinity in the swamp.

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