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Currently with three servers: Asia (JP) #1, Europe (Amsterdam, NL) #1 and North America (NY, US) #1 and one map: [pd_official]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Pearl Defense is a team based game mode in which a team consisting of at most 10 members labeled either green (GRE) or red (RED) must retrieve the enemies pearl to their side of the map first.

Objective[edit | edit source]

The difference between Pearl Defense and traditional Capture the Flag game modes is that the pearl is protected by the top half of a clam that you need to break open. The clam itself is protected by a group of Remoras who circle it and go after any enemy player who gets within a certain range. If they leave that range they go back to circling the clam. The Remoras disappear and stop spawning after the top half of the clam is broken which makes the pearl open for grabs. Getting both of the pearls into the goal (either by throwing or just swimming with it into it) will win your team the game. You cannot break the second clam before breaking the first one.

The Pearl[edit | edit source]

When you have the pearl in your control, you will not be able to boost or use an ability. Whenever you try to boost, you will instead throw the pearl. When you die or the pearl is out of your grasp, anyone one your team can grab it and carry it around. If the pearl touches an enemy (both when grabbed or not), touches the border of the skybox, or hits ground it will teleport back to its original clam.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

  • You gain more experience per food item.
  • When dying, you will keep all your experience but you will have to wait 5/10 seconds (Depending on your tier) before resuming the game
  • Players who like to play aggressively in this game mode typically play Shark as they do fairly well at breaking the clam and bringing the pearl back.
  • It's common to see players block the pearl with their animal's body. This is obviously done to make it harder for the enemy to get their hands/fins/paws/non-existent hands/claws/flippers/wings/tentacles/etc on it.
  • Tier 1 animals cannot grab the pearl, but they are also unable to be targeted by the Remoras
  • You can help your opponent to break the clam of your team by having a lamprey latched and stay on the pearl you intend to destroy, though this will help your opponent win

What some animals are useful for, (all animals are played by a skilled person without lag, and no hackers are present)[edit | edit source]

Charging and killing[edit | edit source]

Humpback whale, Atlantic Torpedo, giant and colossal squid, piranha, cachalot, polar bear, basking shark, whale, orca and mantis shrimp

Charging and breaking the clam[edit | edit source]

Giant and colossal squid, manatee, softshell turtle, whale, basking shark, and Humpback whale

Halting a charge[edit | edit source]

Hippo, giant and colossal squid, Humpback whale, Atlantic Torpedo, manatee, whale, thresher shark, basking shark, octopus and piranha

Defending the pearl[edit | edit source]

Beaver, Humpback whale, whale, manatee, cachalot, polar bear, piranha, basking shark, goblin shark and thresher shark

Retrieving the pearl[edit | edit source]

Bobbit Worm, Penguin, Barracuda, Leopard Seal, Mantis Shrimp, Marlin, Moray Eel, Eagle, Piranha, Frilled Shark, Giant Salamander, Tiger Shark, Wobbegong Shark, Humpback Whale, Alligator Gar

Killing individual targets[edit | edit source]

Mantis shrimp, crocodile, alligator gar, cachalot, Humpback whale, Atlantic ray, piranha, sawfish, giant and colossal squid, alligator snapping turtle, electric eel, and anaconda

Scoring[edit | edit source]

Marlin, moray eel, shark, stonefish, piranha, anaconda, penguin, leopard seal and frilled shark

Trolling to attract hate (not suggested unless you play better than your opponents)[edit | edit source]

Worm, Horseshoe Crab, Squid, Bat, Archerfish, Goliath Bulletfrog, Bobbit Worm, Beaver, Penguin, Octopus