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Tips and tricks to help you become a great player. Dominate the marine by yourself or your fellow team!

General[edit | edit source]

  • If you are trapped on land with no boosts, spam the boost button in either direction to move back into the water. This works for any creature, even ones that can't normally boost.
  • Make sure to try out every creature before settling on one. You may discover one you prefer over another.
  • If you see a higher tier animal that have a low health, don’t be hesitate to give them a great (and nasty) ambush! It is high risk,high reward action which may can skip the frustrating evolution away.(reminder that tier 1 animals cannot hurt tier 10 animals)
    • Go for the correct biome, or you will suffer damage from salinity, pressure, or temperature.(see biomes for more information) all creatures between tier 1 to 6 can “sweep ” the seabed, which gives you tons of XP faster than hunting. beware of anglerfish!
  • Be careful for your opponents’ heads . Remember, sea animals win by biting!
  • If you are an animal that can walk on land, beware of those animals that awkwardly (or on purpose) lie on land! As hitting gets no recoil on land, you might be killed in 10 seconds.
  • Jump on land and escape to the sea immediately if you encounter that.
  • If you kill a top tier animal you can share the meat with others. Please share it with friends rather than insane users as they will boost to grab more meat.

Tips for Specific Species[edit | edit source]

Piranhas[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid boosting out of the water to avoid danger, as you all move individually. This causes piranhas to be scattered around the place, making you vulnerable.
  • corner your prey or foe to maximise your damage, because all of your piranhas can hit at once.
  • after your have evolved to tier 4 , you can no longer hide in the anemones even you have only 1 piranha left. However ,you will be able to ‘produce’ a new buddy much faster.

Frog[edit | edit source]

  • You die easily, avoid choosing as starter till buffed.
  • Stick to the swamp to prevent losing salinity.
  • Stay on land. Piranhas can kill you easily.
  • Eat dragon flies until you can evolve into a different animal.
  • If you want to level up quickly you can go to the islands in the ocean, the salinity will not affect you on land and you will be able to reach all the berries. If there are seagulls, just simply jump over them or go to another island.

Fish[edit | edit source]

  • Stick to the warm tip of the coldest island.
  • In the beginning of Pearl Defense, choose Fish and swim with other Fish, than boost to get food. You will not be attacked while in Fish, because you level up quickly and everyone else is doing so the same.

King Crab[edit | edit source]

  • You can easily kill Jellyfish, so attack them when you can.
  • You can reflect damage by 30%. Remember that when you are combating.

Lamprey[edit | edit source]

  • Do not attach to little auks, ducks, seagulls, pelicans, or eagles, they will fly up, causing you to suffocate.
  • A recommended animal to attach to is any animal that can only live in the deep i.e. Giant Squid, Barreleye, Angler Fish, Dragon Fish, etc. This means that if they try to swim up to suffocate you in the air, they'll quickly be losing pressure, almost ensuring your safety.
  • Do not attach to an animal while they are looking at you; in most cases, you will die.
  • Be wary of your host's health. If they die, you will be vulnerable.
  • You cannot attach to oarfish, they cannot attack you. But you can attach to a dragonfish and when it levels up, you will be on an oarfish(assuming they choose to become one). Don't detach for a while though, you'll be off him forever!
  • Attach onto an animal by going to the underwater cave under the waterfall. You will find many players food farming, stay, ignore the evolution suggestion and run when you are ready to evolve a lot.
  • You will obviously give it away if you attach onto a croc and they try to disguise as a dam.
  • Go for animals that can't go on land, Otherwise birds and things that can walk on land will suffocate you, Or find someone who's nice.

Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

  • Try to avoid fighting crabs or king crabs if you are not good at timing your poison, despite them being a lower tier than you, they are actually slightly stronger than you.
  • You swim at a normal speed, but you get a small boost every few seconds, use this to escape slower predators.
  • Your poison is very powerful, you can kill squids with your poison by poisoning them and then running away, repeat that carefully until they are low enough to fight.
  • Try to avoid anything that could kill you.

Flying fish[edit | edit source]

  • You can glide in the air and "fly". Beware of your oxygen bar.
  • You can land on islands and eat the berries and apples on it.
  • You can glide on islands to kill a careless seagull or pelican.Be careful!

Squid[edit | edit source]

  • You can still hide on land, but you still can suffocate.
  • If you see a predator that is simply nearby, swim away or hide so that they cannot hurt you, or boost into the sky.
  • Try to stay in the deep so that you can eat the yellow plankton on the ground.
  • Attempt to avoid attacking jellyfish as their poison can kill you if you do not eat food quickly afterwards or leave you with low HP. You will also be unable to hide for up to 8 seconds.
  • Your faint outline is still there if you hide, but you can try and hide by anemone and other spaces you can hide in at lower levels, so your outline is harder to see.
  • You may not be able to go into anemones or behind volcanoes, but you can go into the window of the shipwreck.

Seagull[edit | edit source]

  • Stick to apples. If there is too many seagulls at one island, try moving to another one.
  • If you're irritated by how slowly seagulls build XP, try skipping this stage by using the piranha.
  • While much more dangerous, it is much quicker to evolve as a seagull by eating the bottom algae; be careful of your oxygen as it runs out fast!
  • Orcas will grab you, so eat berries most of the time. If an eagle comes though, hide in a tree
  • When you are a seagull, don't attack other creatures, just eat the fruits.
  • If a snake bites you drown it because it has lower air time while biting.
  • If a large animal is attempting to attack another seagull and there are multiple others nearby, try attacking it! Overall the dps from multiple seagulls generally scares off or kills the animal, and most seagulls will band together and go for the kill if one is.

Ray[edit | edit source]

  • Before evolving, fly into position to flappy chain (if you are a duck or seagull)
  • It is highly advised to eat flappy ducks as soon as you get to ray, but if you cannot chain boost well, stick to bottom feeding.

Bobbit worm[edit | edit source]

  • You can hide in ground. Remember that.
  • If you grab an animal, you should drag them in the opposite position. If you want to grab it to the seabed, you should put your mouse upwards.
  • You can grab animals even in tier 6. However, your CP is the least in tier 6. Don't forget that.
  • overall, these are extremely powerful for a tier six animal and can hunt almost anything, if used correctly.
  • If you encounter a whole pile of meat or some meat in the ground, EAT THE MEAT! This will give you high XP to a tier 7 animal and you will probably have some XP left to evolve to your next animal. This happens to some players.
  • If you are a bobbit worm stay in the ground feeding on algae or meat until your XP bar is 250 or you are 7th or 6th on the leaderboard. Then, evolve quickly in the specified habitat.
  • Trolling: Try "spanking" a player when he is near the ground. To do this, boost into the player and get back in ground very quickly. The player won't notice if he is slow enough to spot you hitting him in the rear.
  • Bobbit worms take pressure damage every second for 10 seconds, then take damage every second for 9 seconds until you die

Beaver[edit | edit source]

  • Stay close to dam chains. If there is a predator, hide in a dam.
  • Hiding in Beaver Dams replenishes oxygen, hide in one until prey comes to eat the Dam Food. Pop out and surprise them.
  • Don't boost into a dam to escape a predator. Your boost may be cance.

Anglerfish[edit | edit source]

  • Stay near the bottom, and aim bait where the yellow algae is. when an animal lower than you sweeps by collecting algae, your bait will be in the perfect place.
  • Don't make your bait a lava bubble. That would give it away.
  • If you kill a creature, your bait will turn into meat. This is great for luring in prey.

Penguin[edit | edit source]

  • Make fewer trips and eat the yellows.
  • Always have a boost. You are very fast, and having a boost will make you almost untouchable.
  • Hide in igloos if pursued by a predator.

Sea Turtle

Do not stay around Top tiers, as you are weak, Wait till you can evolve, and then get closer.

Eat the stuff off beaver dams, and eat the littler things.

Octopus[edit | edit source]

  • Do not underestimate the power of ink. It can blind animals to the point where they do not know which direction you went, and you can easily trick them into going the wrong way.
  • You can walk on land. Use this as an advantage.
  • You can transform into the creature that you just ate, use this ability to ambush other animals.

Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

  • Try to terrorize seagulls and pelicans because you can easily kill them. Unless there are more than half a dozen in which case be more cautious around them, because if you get stuck you are in trouble.
  • Do not run away from dolphins and leopard seals, you are stronger than them and can kill them, but always be careful.
  • Don't forget you can now eat humans so try to skim the surface of the water to get a bit of people, and more XP. Also there are generally many humans clumped together inside islands as they spawn in them, so stick your head to the underside of islands if you can.

Oarfish[edit | edit source]

  • Yonly kill jellyfish for anything up to seagull
  • Try to go to the sea surface to eat humans and even flappy birds as the air pressure time is long and it has healing while boosting. Don't be afraid to take the risk as you can get much more XP than in the Deeeep.
  • Be very careful around giant squids! They easily kill you and most likely want to eat you if they spot you once.

Mantis shrimp[edit | edit source]

  • Be careful of your own species, they can kill everything including themselves.
  • Wand kill them.
  • You can form an attack combo by a pattern:a stun and immediately two hits then you will ram up your damage.It is pretty cool to use that .Just bear in mind that don’t take their head on.

Shark[edit | edit source]

  • If you miss a target while charging, click to stop charging, don't let yourself get too far away.
  • To fly, you must be out of the water or on an island/icecap. Eat flappy-ducks and troll seagulls and pelicans, etc. If you
  • aying healthy by collecting food on the way, making sure that the enemies don't grab you, or get much food, so that you heal more than they do. If they feel like they can't keep up, they'll most likely separate, and then you could deal with the separated players individually.

Stonefish[edit | edit source]

  • Use your boost only when you need it. save at least one boost for predators stronger than you like whales. that way, it might slow them down or even stop them from chasing you. Hide in the ground and surprise attack your prey
  • Camping at the waterfall gets you a lot of XP fast, but beware of other top tiers, whom can easily kill you.
  • Stonefish are extremely powerful against anyone who does not know how to counter you. Keep this in mind.
  • Try to get your enemies to attack you, then boost away as they try. They will most likely hit the poisonous barbs and take lots of damage. Rinse and repeat and most of the time you have an easy kill.
  • If you are in the ocean and on low health, you can go to an island and bob in the top. Wait to heal and you can live to fight another day. Oxygen ONLY drops when you are INSIDE land, but if you bob on an island, it won't completely be affected. Except for high experience players who will hit you, the top tiers probably won't eat you.

Orca[edit | edit source]

  • Orca can kill just about everything except for Whales and Cachalots.
  • You can kill giant squids by grabbing them before they grab you and bringing them to the surface of the water; they will be taking pressure damage by then and will be focusing on returning to the deep, by continuing to grab them and throwing them above you in the air it is easy to kill them if they do not get away.
  • The bottom of the islands are a much better place to put an animal when grabbing them than the bottom of the sea, it serves much better at preventing them from escaping.
  • You can kill seagulls by releasing them when you are facing directly down because the natural updraft they have prevents them from strafing to the side easily and two hits is enough to kill them.
  • When you grab an animal when they are facing you (if they are facing away this point is irrelevant.) , you will receive the damage of them hitting you while they will receive a percentage based (?) amount of damage; this can be bad while fighting other Orcas and sharks as you will be receiving more damage from them hitting you than they will from you grabbing them.
  • When you grab a shark they will loose all their oxygen which grants them 10% HP loss per second, you can effectively use this to counteract the damage you may (see point above) receive while grabbing them.
  • Be wary of Stonefish; they can easily kill you if you are not smart about trying to kill them quickly. The best way to do so is to throw them in the air above you because they can go through land making the usual grab them and place them against a surface to prevent escape strategy irrelevant. You could also trap them in the deeeep by using one of the floating rocks above the deeeep.
  • If a kraken is good, make sure to avoid them because they will most likely kill you. However, orcas can kill pretty much everything but the whale or cachalot, but even then there are specific tricks that will help you kill them. To kill a cachalot, simply go head to head against them, and then boost away while eating the green orbs that float around. After that, just rinse and repeat and you will gradually end up with more health and win.
  • One important thing that goes towards all animals, but mostly pertains to orcas is to count your opponent(s)' boosts. This will become important as you will gradually know when your opponent is about the retreat or the most efficient way of killing them.
  • Be wary of sharks, if you're a new orca player because sharks will try to use all of their boosts to hit you, and they will end up killing you if you're not careful enough.
  • Do NOT attack whales, they have more health than you and can suck you in and kill you if your not careful. If they grab you, however, boost away right after you recoil from a hit and try to get as far away as possible.

Sunfish[edit | edit source]

  • Pearl Defense: Play as this fish. First, you break the shell and collect the pearl (relatively easy), boost into the air a few times for speed, and put it at the goal.
  • Stay near the surface. When you're attacked, you can regain health quickly
  • Avoid Orcas. They can grab you can put you in the ground and make you stuck in there so they can kill you with ease.
  • Avoid Giant Squids. They will pull you into the deeeep and kill you with ease.
  • Try to find Lion's Mane Jellyfish, they are easy to kill. Just simply go in its tentacles and face it's tentacles until the jellyfish is dead. You have no attack recoil. If you want a quicker kill, use your boost. It will damage the jellyfish 25% quicker and rarely damage it 41 health.

Cachalot[edit | edit source]

  • During PVP (1v1 mode), avoid fighting Hippos, sharks, and polar bears. Due to the fact that these are popular builds, cachalot is almost never used in 1v1 mode.
  • Beached on the side of an island? Spam click in one direction. Eventually you'll be back into the water and able to swim away.
  • He is tankier than an Orca!! If you have enough oxygen, just use slows and kill him.
  • Beware of stonefish or sharks. They can kill you easily. If you find one chasing you, try hiding in the deeeep to lose them.
  • If you are in a lower hand and are being hunted by other animals, use slows to slow the predator and quickly run away. Dodge the predator's boost and wait until you regain the advantage and take the revenge and get your XP! If a team of animals is after you and they are not immune to pressure (going to the deeeep), try hiding there.
  • Don't be afraid if your health is low in a battle. If your enemy is near to death, kill it with last swing as you can gain health by eating meat.
  • Cachalots cannot boost in the air, remember that if it is your first time playing one
  • One of the best 10 tier animals for Toxic Algae
  • Unfortunately, cachalot cannot escape from a tight situation in FFA, and can be kited easily in 1v1 mode. This leads teaming with a faster build an almost required objective in FFA mode, and just using the cach as support. Contrary to popular belief, whale cach isn't actually the best strategy, although it is the most annoying, the reason why is because this team composition is extremely slow, allowing anything to get away if they could react in time.

Giant Squid/Kraken[edit | edit source]

  • Avoid sperm whales (Cachalots) and Sleeper Sharks as they can easily kill you if you are not prepared
  • Attack other top tier animals(like orcas, but be careful as skilled orcas will grab you) by going up to the surface and bringing them down deeeep. but look at your health at all times.
    • Be careful as it is very easy to lose track of your pressure bar
    • If a cachalot is harassing you and is being a problem, DO NOT TAKE IT HEAD ON, as it has more health than you and can easily kill you.
    • Watch out if your HP is low. Although you are in deeper water, a daring shark may try to investigate that large drop of blood below them, and boost directly down, more often than not landing a direct hit and killing you.
    • Stay at the top of the deep and wait until you see an animal to eat if you are looking for some easy xp . However be careful if u don't know what you are doing as you can easily die.
    • staying at the deep part of the arctic sounds kinda smart as you can camp easily.

Bald Eagle[edit | edit source]

  • Use for grabbing the pearl after strong classes break the shell, the fly to the base.
  • Attack Birds; they give decent XP.
  • Attack Snakes. They have 5 seconds of air and can be drowned very easily.
  • Avoid the orcas. They can boost out of the water and grab you, but if you are higher then flying ducks,but slightly lower than the clouds, then the orca will not have time to fall into water when it holds you.
  • You can see nearby animals by your "radar". Make use of this to avoid from other top tier animals and hunt for the prey.
  • Bald Eagle can grab prey only above the water.
  • If the eagle accelerates and falls into prey which it can not lift, it imposes the effect of bleeding. Use this to attack other eagles.
  • Do not attack seagulls and pelicans if you don't have enough health or too many of them, since they can kill you.
  • This class is generally underpowered and it is advised to not play it.

Manta Ray[edit | edit source]

  • It is the weakest in the top tier when it doesn't have any drone animals with it. Don't fight with other animals when you just evolved.
  • Try to grab birds as it will suffocate and fall meat.
  • Try to grab Beaver and Ray as it can gain invisibility in dams and add damage.
  • Also, grabbing birds can gain one more boost.
  • Try grabbing eels and jellyfish to poison/paralyze someone by clicking.

Hippo[edit | edit source]

  • Crocodiles are a serious threat if they know what they are doing, They can easily dodge your boosts and still grab you so always be careful.
  • Piranhas are easy to counter and they should be your main source of food.
  • Be careful of animals from the ocean coming in, as they can easily kill you.
  • Is pretty solid in 1v1s, but only for pros

Marlin[edit | edit source]

  • Attack with boosting to make them bleed. Run away, then attack again
  • Be careful around any evolution with low health
  • If at low health go up, to where the air is, and use the jumping tactic
  • When you're jumping out of the water you getting +33% speed (max +99% speed) by this you can jump pretty high. You will also if people touch you while your going faster they will bleed(same effect as the boost)
  • If after the jump hit the animal/fish, then it will have a bleeding effect or if you hit animal/fish with boost.
  • If something is being a nuisance, use your speed to your advantage and try and juke it. It is also advised to boost away in the air
  • Target Whales and Cachalots when you get the hang of Marlin, boost into the (sperm)whale and let it lose health during the bleeding effect while you run away to regain your boost, repeat until it is dead.
  • Watch out when going toe-to-toe with a shark. (or tail-to-tail?) because the shark would most likely notice your presence, and you would only be one step away from a surprise attack and getting one-shotted to your doom.
  • This is the biggest counter to sunfish, so if you are in a server metagame where sunfish is abundant, it would be a good idea to pick this animal, even if it's not your main.
  • Look at your health continuously as it has low health.

Eels[edit | edit source]

  • If you activate your boost don't waste it! Use it against the creature chasing you and you should be able to get the upper hand.
  • Kill high tier animals and type "That was simply ELECTRIC" or "I'm SHOCKING aren't I?" if you want to troll
  • However, keep in mind that strong animals like shark, or fast animals like marlin, could boost into your territory, and shut you down in 2-3 hits, and their speed makes it hard to land a stun before they either boost away or kill you.
  • Activating your boost around a hidden animal, such as ray or squid, will expose the animal

Crocodile[edit | edit source]

  • If a lamprey attaches to you, you wont be able to fully disguise as dam, the lamprey will still show.
  • It is a common myth that hippos are stronger than crocodiles, this is not true. If you encounter a hippo they will normally attempt to charge you, but their turning movement is limited while they use their boost. Take advantage of this and loop around them while they boost then grab them.
  • Shake VIGOROUSLY, I mean REALLY LET YOUR ANIMAL OUT. This is key to out damaging enemies as your dps skyrockets when you fling your mouse around
  • However, a good strategy you have to keep in mind, is that you have to see where to throw your victim. If you could corner your victim so you could boost repeatedly to damage it over and over again, it would be much better and more effective than dealing the full damage to the victim, but having it escape after just one grab.

Polar bears[edit | edit source]

  • Apparently you can BURROW INTO THE BOTTOM OF ICEBERGS! use this for ambushes, and you don't lose oxygen.
  • You can out damage most threats head on with snowballs
  • Good at pearl defense - stun animals to get the pearl
  • In 1v1 this is a smart choice.
  • Careful when you are hiding in the icebergs, as whales and orcas can sometimes pull you out!
  • when you fight an enemy, instead of chasing it, let it chase you. As soon as it's about to boost into you, turn around and stun it. Because in deeeep.io, there is no time spent on turning around, you could surprise-stun lock a shark or an orca if they fall for this. This could almost guarantee their death.
  • Remember you have no boosts so running away could be a tricky tactic if not experienced

Sawfish[edit | edit source]

  • Sawfish is relatively good at killing the Lion's Mane Jellyfish because the bleed effect from its ability does decent damage (about 60 each tick of bleed damage).
  • Sawfish could win a fight against a Sunfish or goblin shark.
  • Unfortunately, it has extremely weak stats, and without stealth, sawfish is one of the worst builds currently because they get bodied left and right by shark, orca, and whale. The bleed is powerful, but in a fast battle, you will never get to wait for them to bleed out before you hit them with another hemorrhage attack. With the terrible speed of sawfish, there is absolutely no way to run away if you get stuck in a fight with a shark or orca. It just feels like a worse marlin in every way, because marlin is a hit and run animal, while sawfish is an all in animal with a bleed ability, which is a pathetically laughable idea.

Worm[edit | edit source]

  • Easy to kill, hard to evolve.
  • Burrow for safety

Bars[edit | edit source]

Oxygen[edit | edit source]

  • The "Oxygen" bar is the bar that says oxygen.
  • If you are an oxygen-breathing animal you can replenish your oxygen while underwater by consuming an oxygen bubble near a shipwreck.
  • If you are a sea animal, your oxygen will go down when you are on island. That is the same if you are a land animal and go in the sea.
  • The way to make your oxygen go up is to get in the air if you are a land animal just like Frogs. That is the same way if you are a sea animal just like a Piranha.

Salinity[edit | edit source]

  • Salinity is only able to affect you if you are in water, use this as an advantage.
  • The "Salinity" bar is the bar that says salinity.
  • If you go in an area that is not your biome, you will lose salinity.
  • The way to make your salinity go up is to go in your appropriate biome...

Pressure[edit | edit source]

  • The "Pressure" bar is the bar that says pressure.
  • If you go over to the Deeeep when you weren't a Deeeep animal, your pressure bar will go down, and the opposite too.
  • Most animals have 5 seconds of pressure, meaning you have a 20% chance of escaping.
  • The way to make your pressure go up is to go in the Deeeep if from the Deeeep.

Temperature[edit | edit source]

  • The "Temperature" bar is the bar that says temperature.
  • If you go in an area that is too hot or too cold (Arctic Animal going out of the Arctic or Non-Arctic animal going in to the Arctic), your temperature will go down.
  • The way to make your temperature go up is to STAY OUT OF THE ARCTIC!!!

If you wish to stay in the Arctic, then eat the volcanic food. This raises your temperature.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Lion's Mane Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

Lion's mane jellyfish are weak against three strategies.

  • 1st strategy: Animals that cause bleeding, such as saw shark, marlin, and narwhal, can kill the jellyfish. Note that this can alert nearby sharks to go to the jellyfish and use the 3rd strategy. You can do this with a Marlin, But you might need 2 Marlins to beat it.
  • 2nd strategy: Knock the jellyfish into the deeeep or swamp and wait for it to lose pressure/salinity and then eat its meat. The best way to do this is to use the sunfish or the electric eel.
  • 3rd strategy: Knock the jellyfish on its bell (top of jellyfish) with another person. Not hitting its tentacles, smash the jellyfish but do not use a sunfish on the lion's mane, sunfishes have no attack recoil.
  • 4th strategy:using a sunfish to kill it out ,it is kinda easy and juicy.
  • 5th strategy: use the turtle if you are an experienced player and keep hitting the sides because turtles take no poison damage but it is still weak so watch out.

Sardine[edit | edit source]

is very weak but gives decent XP. squid and up can one shot but squid tier has recoil.