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This is a list of some helpful tips and tricks for Feel free to add your own to this list!

General Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Just because your animal can't survive in the arctic or deeeep doesn't mean you can't go there. Stay there and farm the resources then go back to a suitable habitat and repeat.
    • The deeeep has more XP than the twilight zone, as ice is 50 xp and volcano food is 125 xp.

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    Use the terrain to your advantage. You can hide from predators, or prepare an ambush for your next meal!
    • Death isn't the end! If you die, you will restart with a medium size portion of the experience you had in your previous life.
    • Use boosting through the air to escape other animals and keep some around in case you end up being chased.

    Also boosts can Super Boost that sends u to the sky. Flings u VEry far.

    • Although the islands may seem like a good source of food, regardless of your animal, a chain of beaver dams (see terrain) is the better choice.
    • When you are a ray, you can boost up to the flappy ducks (see Food) at a 30-45 degree angle to skip to the penguin in a matter of seconds, using the experience from the flappy ducks to boost yourself over and over again. This also works with the animals after penguin except some of the final ones. This will be a difficult skill to master, but it will be worth it.
    • If you see a vulnerable animal (maybe stuck or on low health), if you will not die in the process, and it is a high enough tier to be useful, attack it! The food that animals drop is much better (levels you up faster) than food from any other source. Eating all the food from a top tier animal will level you up instantly as almost any animal in the game.
    • If you want to make a team for people you know, consider putting a short name in brackets before your ign (in game name). For example:

    '{TEAM1} insertnamhere' WARNING. Using a team name does NOT mean that you are immune to your teammates. They can still damage you, and you can still damage them.

    • If you have boosts, never use them all. you will be eaten. Keep one in reserve to escape.
    • If you are small, do not fear whales. They cannot harm you unless you are a seagull(drowning).
    • Do not get close to bigger animals and you might find that you will level up faster.
    • Try spectating and scouting everything in the server you're in to learn your surroundings, what animal every player is, and where they're located before you begin playing.
    • Stay away from the Wasabi clan
    • Play in Beijing server if you are a new player as they are not very good players.
    • Use piranhas for the first 5 animals then pick ray and eat Flappy Birds
    • Suffocate animals that attach onto you.
      • EX: Birds (seagulls) have a longer air time than snakes, so if one attaches to a seagull, the seagull can go in the water and drown it (if it is stubborn)
      • EX: Crocs can walk on land, which would kill a lamprey.
    • Once you Reach Ray: Chain jumps together to eat long lines of flappy birds. You will be able to level up in less than a minute if you practice. Continue to do this until you make it to a teir 9 animal. If you do this right, you should be able to get from ray to teir 10 in less than 5 minutes.

    Tips for Specific Species[edit | edit source]

    Piranhas[edit | edit source]

    • Playing as a pack of piranhas is a clever way to bypass the seagull stage. Once you can evolve after that, If you don't wish to continue as the piranhas, choose one of the other animals.
    • Avoid boosting out of the water to avoid danger, as you all move individually. This causes piranhas to be scattered around the place, making you vulnerable.

    Frog[edit | edit source]

    • You die easily, avoid choosing as starter till buffed.
    • Stick to the swamp to prevent loosing salinity.
    • Stay on land. Piranhas can kill you easily
    • Eat flies until you can evolve into a different animal
    • If you want to level up quickly you can go to the islands in the ocean, the salinity will not affect you on land and you will be able to reach all the berries. If there are seagulls, just simply jump over them or go to another island.

    Fish[edit | edit source]

    • Stick to the warm tip of the coldest island.
    • In the beginning of Pearl Defense, choose Fish and swim with other Fish, than boost to get food. You will not be attacked while in Fish, because you level up quickly and everyone else is doing so the same.

    King Crab[edit | edit source]

    • You can easily kill Jellyfish, so attack them when you can

    Lamprey[edit | edit source]

    • Do not attach to seagulls or pelicans, they will fly up, causing you to suffocate.
    • Do not attach to an animal while they are looking at you; in most cases, you will die.
    • You cannot attach to oarfish, they cannot attack you. But you can attach to an octopus and when it levels up, you'll be on an oarfish, Don't de-attach though, you'll be off him forever!
    • Attach onto an animal by going to the underwater cave under the waterfall. You will find many players food farming, stay and ignore the evolution and run when you are ready while evolving.
    • You will obviously give it away if you attach onto a croc and they try to disguise as a dam.

    Jellyfish[edit | edit source]

    • Try to avoid fighting crabs or king crabs, despite them being a lower tier than you, they are actually stronger than you.
    • Your poison is very powerful, you can kill squids with your poison by poisoning them and then running away, repeat that carefully until they are low enough to fight.

    Squid[edit | edit source]

    • If you see a predator that is simply nearby swim away or hide so that they cannot hurt you.
    • Try to stay in the deep so that you can eat the yellow orbs on the ground.
    • Attempt to avoid attacking jellyfish as their poison can kill you if you do not eat food quickly afterwards or leave you with low HP.
    • You may not be able to go into grass or behind volcanic mound things, but you can go into the window of the boat.

    Seagull[edit | edit source]

    Stick to apples. If there are too many seagulls on an island, try eating the food from the beaver dams or going to other islands. Unless you want a seagull army which we did and murdered many animals XD
    • If you're irritated by how slowly seagulls build XP, try skipping this stage by using the piranha.
    • While much more dangerous, it is much quicker to evolve as a seagull by eating the bottom algae; be careful of your oxygen as it runs out fast!
    • Orcas will grab you, so eat berries most of the time. If an eagle comes though, hide in a tree
    • When you are a seagull, don't attack other creatures, just eat the fruits.
    • If a snake bites you drown it because it has lower air time while biting.

    Ray[edit | edit source]

    • Mainly stick to bottom feeding,
    • The bottom of the island hides you as well.
    • Eat Flappy Bird's to level up (Applies to further animals as well)

    Beaver[edit | edit source]

    • Stay close to dam chains, but when you have less than 50% till the next animal, make your way to the cold side of the map.
    • Hiding in Beaver Dams replenishes oxygen, hide in one until prey comes to eat the Dam Food. Pop out and surprise them.
    • Dont go to swamp because crocs disguise.

    Anglerfish[edit | edit source]

    • Stay near the bottom, and aim your bait where the yellow pebbles are. when an animal lower than you sweeps by collecting pebbles, your bait will be in the perfect place.
    • Your bait may end up as volcano food and that would give it away.
      • Don't go near the surface or your bait will be algae, and when you move it into the deeeep it will remain algae.

    Penguin[edit | edit source]

    • Make fewer trips and eat the yellows.
    • Always have a boost
    • The beaver even though lower tier can kill you in a full health battle

    Octopus[edit | edit source]

    • Do not underestimate the power of ink. It can blind animals to the point where they do not know which direction you went, and you can easily trick them into going the wrong way.
    • If you are disguised as an octopus, do not go out of the zones the animal you are disguising as can normally go in. For example, if you kill a crab, don't go in the deeeep until it wears off. This will give away your disguise.
    • You can walk on land. Use this as an advantage. It looks silly though.

    Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

    • Try to terrorize seagulls and pelicans because you can easily kill them. Unless it is a seagull army in which case we will MURDER you.
    • Do not run away from dolphins and leopard seals, you are stronger than them and can kill them.
    • Don't forget you can now eat humans so try to skim the surface of the water to get more XP.

    Oarfish[edit | edit source]

    • They can only kill jellyfish for small animals.
    • Try to go to the sea surface to eat humans and even flappy birds as the air pressure time is long and it has healing while boosting.Don't afraid to take the risk as you can get much more XP than in the Deeeep.
    • Attack Giant squid after healing animals, it will distract the giant squid.

    Shark[edit | edit source]

    • Other than swordfish, Avoid top tier animals, feed on lower ones
    • If you miss a target while charging, click to stop charging, don't let yourself get too far away
    • To fly, you must be out of the water or on an island/icecap. Eat flappy-ducks and troll seagulls and pelicans, etc. If you are still in the water, you will not fly, but you will skim the water in an awkward dollars way. Note: This trick is not recommended (unless you are a experienced player) because, you could land into a top tier animal.

    Stonefish[edit | edit source]

    • Use your boost only when you need it. save at least one boost for predators stronger than you like whales. that way, it might slow them down or even stop them from chasing you. Hide in the ground and surprise attack your prey
    • Camping at the waterfall gets you a lot of Xp fast, but beware of other top tiers, whom can easily kill you

    Orca[edit | edit source]

    • Orca can kill just about everything except for Whales and Cachalots.
    • You can kill giant squids by grabbing them before they grab you and bringing them to the surface of the water; they will be taking pressure damage by then and will be focusing on returning to the deep, by continuing to grab them and throwing them above you in the air it is easy to kill them if they do not get away.
    • The bottom of the islands are a much better place to put an animal when grabbing them than the bottom of the sea, it serves much better at preventing them from escaping.
    • You can kill seagulls by releasing them when you are facing directly down because the natural updraft they have prevents them from strafing to the side easily and two hits is enough to kill them.
    • When you grab an animal when they are facing you (if they are facing away this point is irrelevant.) , you will receive the damage of them hitting you while they will receive a percentage based (?) amount of damage; this can be bad while fighting other Orcas and sharks as you will be receiving more damage from them hitting you than they will from you grabbing them.
    • When you grab a shark they will loose all their oxygen which grants them 10% HP loss per second, you can effectively use this to counteract the damage you may (see point above) receive while grabbing them.
    • Be wary of Stonefish; they can easily kill you if you are not smart about trying to kill them quickly. The best way to do so is to throw them in the air above you because they can go through land making the usual grab them and place them against a surface to prevent escape strategy irrelevant.

    Sunfish[edit | edit source]

    • Pearl Defense: Play as this guy. First, you break the shell and collect the pearl (relatively easy), boost into the air a few times for speed, and put it at the goal.

    Note: In new update, you cannot boost with the pearl

    • Stay near the surface. When you're attacked, you can regain health quickly
    • Avoid Orcas. They can grab you can put you in the ground and make you stuck in there so they can kill you with ease.
    • If you see a whale/sperm whale (Cachalot) that will replenish oxygen, then try to take it into the air, then it will not be able to escape, and you can easily kill it.

    Stonefish[edit | edit source]

    • Stonefish are extremely overpowered and underrated because they are hard to get high scores with. If you flappy farm you can get mass extremely easily and effectively.
    • This guy can kill everything, but giant squid, sunfish, and polar bear.
    • Make your rival attack you, then, boost away from them to put barbs in their face. Finish him off after doing it a few times.
    • For some reason, stonefish can breath air, so keep this in mind if you need a safe place. Simply stay on an island while out of the ground.

    Cachalot[edit | edit source]

    • During PVP (1v1 mode), avoid fighting Hippos. Cachalots can kill almost anything else if you know how to play it right, but Hippos are hard. If you do fight a hippo, try to attack from behind. DON'T LET IT CORNER YOU AT THE SIDE OF THE ARENA.
    • Beached on the side of an island? Spin your cursor around your animal so that it rotates like a wheel. Eventually you'll be back into the water and able to swim away.
    • This guy can easily kill giant squid. wait for the fighting to end, then when it runs away, use your slow to catch up. While fighting, don't use slows.
    • He is tankier than an Orca!! If you have enough oxygen,just use slows and kill him.
    • He is not the most popular but he is the most powerful.
    • Beware of stonefish.They can kill you by their barbs.
    • They can survive on land. When you see a bird,just pretend you are AFK and let it to attack you first.Then use your slows to destroy them.
    • He is easy to use.
    • You can easily get top 3 with it.
    • If you are in a lowerhand and is being hunting by other animals,use slows to slow the predator and quickly run away. Dodge the predator's boost and wait until you regain your health.If your health is quite more than the latter,take the revenge and get your XP!
    • Don't be afraid if your health is low in a battle. If your enemy is near to death,kill it with last swing as you can gain health by eating meat.
    • Cachlots cannot fly. Remember that.

    Giant Squid/Kraken[edit | edit source]

    • Avoid sperm whales (Cachalots) as they will kill you.
    • Attack other top tier animals(like orcas) by going up to the surface and bringing them down deeeep. but look at your health at all times.
      • be very careful as it is very easy to lose track of your pressure bar
      • Go to the surface and eat people and flappy ducks although it is dangerous.

    Bald Eagle[edit | edit source]

    • Attack Birds; they give decent XP.
    • Attack Snakes. They have 5 seconds of air and can be drowned very easily.
    • Avoid the orcas. They can boost out of the water and grab you, but if you are higher then flying ducks,but slightly lower than the clouds, then the orca will not have time to fall into water when it holds you.
    • You can see nearby animals by your "radar". Make use of this to avoid from other top tier animals and hunt for the prey.
    • Bald Eagle can grab prey only above the water.
    • If the eagle accelerates and falls into prey, which it can not lift, it imposes the effect of bleeding. Use this to attack other eagles.
    • Do not attack seagulls and pelicans if you don't have enough health or too many of them, since they can kill you.

    Manta Ray[edit | edit source]

    • It is the weakest in the top tier. Don't fight with other animals.
    • Try to grab birds as it will suffocate and fall meat.
    • Try to grab Beaver and Ray as it can gain invisibility in dams and add damage.
    • Also, grabbing birds can gain one more boost.
    • Team with this guy if you’re a fish so you can live
    • Try grabbing eels and jellyfish to get 1 more boost and poison/paralyze someone by clicking.

    Hippo[edit | edit source]

    • Сan kill a crocodile and easily kill piranhas.
    • In good hands, he very easily becomes the king of the swamp.
    • Hippo is a bad member of the team in FFA mode, since he will kill not only the enemies, but his team too, because of his attack with a large radius.

    Marlin[edit | edit source]

    • pretty hard to play
    • be carefull with animals/fishes what have pretty much damage because Marlin have little health.
    • when you're jumping out of the water you getting +33% speed (max +99% speed) by this you can jump pretty high.
    • If after the jump hit the animal/fish, then it will have a bleeding effect or if you hit animal/fish with boost.
    • avoid Sharks, because they have realy big damage and you have little health.
    • Stab
    • Target whales when you get the hang of Marlin, boost into the whale and let it lose health during the bleeding effect while you run away to regain your boost, repeat until whale is dead.

    Eels[edit | edit source]

    • keep as many boosts as possible to paralyze animals, then go for the kill.

    Crocodile[edit | edit source]

    • If a lamprey attaches to you, don't disguise as dam.
      • You know what, do this and see what happens.
        • It is a wide known myth that Hippos are better than crocodiles, no it is not. Crocodiles are much stronger than hippos in a lot of ways, all you have to do is boost into the hippo and shake it until it dies, its easy. The hippo can only continue in a straight line, so u turn and grab it at the side.
    • Go and shake it off when you grab an animal.

    Polar bears[edit | edit source]

    • Use your snowballs, they DON'T suck
    • Good at pearl defense - stun animals to get the pearl
    • In 1v1 , choose this guy , he can kill any thing (except crocodile and hippo)

    Worm[edit | edit source]

    • Easy to kill, hard to evolve.
    • Burrow for saftey

    Bars[edit | edit source]

    Oxygen[edit | edit source]

    • The "Oxygen" bar is the bar that says oxygen.
    • If you are an oxygen-breathing animal you can replenish your oxygen while underwater by consuming an oxygen bubble near a shipwreck.
    • If you are a sea animal, your oxygen will go down when you are on island. That is the same if you are a land animal and go in the sea.
    • The way to make your oxygen go up is to get in the air if you are a land animal just like Frogs. That is the same way if you are a sea animal just like a Piranha.

    Salinity[edit | edit source]

    • The "Salinity" bar is the bar that says salinity.
    • If you go in an area that is not your biome, you will lose salinity.
    • The way to make your salinity go up is to go in your appropriate biome..

    Pressure[edit | edit source]

    • The "Pressure" bar is the bar that says pressure.
    • If you go over the Deeeep if from that biome, your pressure bar will go down. If you go in the Deeeep when you can't be in the Deeeep, it is the same case for animals from the Deeeep.
    • You have (at least) 4 seconds of pressure, meaning you have a 15% chance of escaping.
    • The way to make your pressure go up is to go in the Deeeep if from the Deeeep.

    Temperature[edit | edit source]

    • The "Temperature" bar is the bar that says temperature.
    • If you go in an area that is too hot of too cold (Arctic Animal going out of the Arctic or Non-Arctic animal going in to the Arctic), your temperature will go down.
    • The way to make your temperature go up is to STAY OUT OF THE ARCTIC!!!!
    • If you wish to stay in the Arctic, then eat the volcanic food. This raises your temperature.
    This info about bars was brought to you by ψἀρι, a player of Added to by Ocean Guardian, also a player of